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Stacking opposing classes of anabolics for maximum efficiency

For all my brotha's getting ready to put together those winter bulking regimens,thought this might come in handy for you... 

Anabolic Steroids achieve their effects on hypertrophy through different mechanisms,and as such are classified into two different categories,class-I and class-II compounds.I will explain which ones work through which pathway,and how to effectively combine opposing groups to maximize potentiation of one another for explosive growth.... 

Class-I-These are steroids who's primary influence on anabolism is achieved through aggressive binding and activation of the androgen receptor...Examples of potent class-I's are-Deca-durabolin,primobolan,equipoise,oxandrolone... 

Class-II-These are compounds with potent activity independent of A/R binding/activation,and their activity has been monitored in neuron's,microsomes,mitochondria,etc...Examples of potent class-II's are-Anadrol,Dianabol,winstrol,Fluoxymesterone... 

Then we have steroids that are potent combination steroids all by themselves(meaning they display influences on growth through both class-I and II activity,and thus are very effective as'stand-alone'anabolic agents as well as forming the 'base' of most steroid stacks)....Two compounds possess this unique characteristic-Trenbelone and Testosterone.Either of these two steroids should form the base of most users stacks,as the cover both A/R and non-A/R mediated mechanisms,and adding to them with either a class-I or II will only potentiate that particular mechanism towards muscular hypertrophy... 

Now that we're aware of which compounds work through which mechanism,how do we combine them effectively to maximize each one's potential?As explained above,Testosterone and trenbelone should form the base of any serious steroid stack,but great effects can be had by combining single mechanism steroids from opposing classes....Examples of this type of synergistic combining could be(but are not limited to) 

Winstrol & Equipoise 
Winstrol & Primobolan 
Fluoxymesterone & Equipoise or Primobolan 

Deca & Dianabol 
Anadrol & Equipoise or Primobolan 
Winstrol & deca 

And of course,using test or tren as the base compound for either cutting or bulking will only make results that much more explosive.If using test for cutting,an anti-aromitase should be incorporated...

By Huck Finnaplix

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