The 6 Best Pre-Workout for Teens – [2023]

Is pre-workout bad for teens?

Before starting this article, I want to provide some important information about the best pre-workout for teens.

Pre-Workout supplements are not crucial for you as a teen, you can achieve results without them as well.

Nutrition and exercise play a more important role in achieving your fitness goals.

As a teen, you should always consult a specialist before starting to use any supplement, including a pre-workout.

In general, pre-workout supplements can be safe for teens as well if you use them properly and choose the right product.

But again not every supplement is the same so be careful and read the label properly.

When picking the right product, always look if it contains safe ingredients, has been third-party tested, and is dosed for your weight.

Also, read the dosage instructions and make sure to follow them and not exceed the recommended amount.

Below, I have done the hard work for you and picked the best 6 pre-workout supplements for teens you can choose from.

The 6 Best Pre Workout For Teens

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#1 Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout

Best Pre-Workout for Teens

Transparent labs pre-workout is an all-in package of natural ingredients to boost your energy for the upcoming workout. 

This supplement can satisfy the needs of most teen athletes thanks to its potent formula.

Each scoop of bulk pre-workout has active ingredients that will make sure you kick ass at the gym. 

The manufacturer claims that it has a proven formula for nitric oxide booster and testosterone support. All of these are needed for an intense workout, you’ll crush your set by getting these benefits. 

The main benefits of this pre-workout for teens are increased strength, intense pump, and improved endurance.

Also, a rush that will drastically improve your focus and mood for hours without the post-workout crash and jitters. 

You’ll be happy to know that the bulk black pre-workout does not use any artificial flavors, sweeteners, added sugars, artificial preservatives, or food dyes. Which makes it perfect for teens.

All you get is a clean pre-workout supplement that will give you strength and energy without side effects.

In conclusion, transparent labs bulk pre-workout is one of the best pre-workout for teens, it has a safe and evidence based formula, it made to enhance stamina, focus, strength, muscle pump and energy with each scoop. And the best part is that it has a mouth watering flavor of strawberry kiwi.

#2 KAGED Muscle Pre-Workout 

The Kaged pre-workout is a supplement formulated with carefully chosen ingredients by scientists. This results in faster recovery, and more strength for training, and will make sure that you achieve your best results. So as a teen, you should be happy to know this information.

You’ll rest easy at night knowing that this pre-workout supplement doesn’t contain artificial colors or flavors. 

It is flavored with natural ingredients and has only 1 gram of sugar.

Aren’t you teens always picky when it comes to taste?

Well, the best part is that even with its low sugar content this pre-workout tastes amazing, there are tons of 5 stars reviews for this product.

What’s very interesting is that kaged tested its pre-workout to ensure purity and potency. Also, the pre-kaged is certified by the Informed-Sport, making it safer for all athletes including teenage ones. 

Pre-Kaged also features only top-notch ingredients, it has a mix of caffeine, amino acids, beta-alanine, and taurine. 

I like that kaged is transparent about their formula, so I know exactly what I’m ingesting in my body. 

Overall I’m impressed with the kaged pre-workout, if you’re looking for a premium pre-workout for teenager this is it. The ingredients are safe and natural, it has a multitude of positive effects on workouts, and its taste is incredible. 

#3 C4 Sport® Pre Workout Powder

Best Pre-Workout for Teens

The C4 Sports pre-workout is made especially for athletes and people who want to have an active life. And also teens can also take advantage of it.

It contains ingredients that help muscle endurance, increased energy, and cellular hydration. 

And most importantly, this pre-workout contains nitric oxide precursors, which may help improve oxygen and blood flow to the muscles. 

It also comes with a delicious fruit punch flavor, and according to the reviews, it doesn’t have a chalky taste. You’ll consume the c4 pre-workout without making a bitter face. 

The formula of this pre-workout has a mix of essential ingredients like beta-alanine, creatine, and caffeine. They are all proven to decrease fatigue, promote energy and enhance muscle strength. 

The c4 pre-workout won’t hurt your budget too much either, it has 30 servings which is a great value. 

It’s also certified by the NSF for sports, this confirms that the product doesn’t contain any prohibited substances and is safe for teen athletes and fitness lovers in general.

In conclusion, the C4 Sports pre-workout is a great value product for teens who want to boost their energy, improve muscle strength and reduce fatigue. 

It’s a very effective product, tastes great, and for its price delivers exceptional results. 

#4 Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout

Best Pre-Workout for Teens

The gold standard pre-workout is an excellent choice for teens, it combines creatine, beta-alanine, and coffee to help you increase your performance, energy, and focus.

Optimum nutrition is a trusted brand, and it is known to provide only quality supplements for over 30 years. This manufacturer carefully picks its ingredients and tests them in the lab to provide the best product and unlock your full potential. 

You can choose between four tasty flavors:

• Fruit punch

• Green apple

• Blueberry lemonade 

• Watermelon candy

It is recommended to consume it 15 to 30 mins before a workout or any physical activity. 

Optimum nutrition gold standard will release your inner beast, giving you maximum energy, focus, and improved endurance. You’ll crush your bodybuilding plan for the day and see real gains in real time. Isn’t this what every teen who start going to the gym want?


• Tasty flavors

• Premium ingredients

• Trusted brand


• The green apple flavor tastes a bit artificial. 

#5 The Genius Pre-Workout 

Best Pre-Workout for Teens

The genius pre-workout supplement is a natural pre workout supplement without artificial sweeteners and flavors, made to boost your exercise performance and brain focus. 

This supplement is clinically dosed, it has no coffee, it is nootropics-based, and has a formula of Beta-Alanine, ATP, and L-Citrulline Malate which assures fast nitric oxide elevation. Ultimately the perfect choice for a teen.

The manufacturer claims that when your brain engages with the natural nutrients, your physical capabilities are guaranteed to expand. 

And that your muscles are going to be stimulated by the scientifically proven clean ingredients. 

The genius pre-workout uses a mix of clinically studied ingredients such as Citrulline Malate, AlphaSize, and CarnoSyn Beta Alanine for increased mind-muscle connection, improved blood flow, and a boost of nitric oxide. 

All these nutrients will help you train for an extended amount of time and will make sure you kick-ass your workouts. 

And what’s also convenient is that it works as a productivity booster too, thanks to its powerful combination of nootropics. 

These neuro-boosters will help you as a teen to perform better physically and mentally, and of course at the gym too. 

Overall, the genius pre-workout is one of the best pre-workout for 14 year olds that improves your exercise and mental performance and is a productivity booster as well.

You can take advantage of these benefits without the usual side effects, such as jitters or crashes. 

#6 Alpha Lion Superhuman Sports Pre-Workout

Best Pre-Workout for Teens

The alpha lion pre-workout is made specially to enhance athletic performance. It doesn’t contain banned ingredients and has delicious flavors.

All I can say about this pre-workout supplement is that it’s the real deal, you’ll get a boost of endurance, energy, and improvements in the recovery process.

These benefits can help your fitness goals and make sure that you achieve them faster than before.

What I also like about this supplement is its top-grade ingredients, which are scientifically baked to increase athletic performance.

From BioEnergy D-Ribose to Betaine Anhydrous and other ingredients, this pre-workout is packed with nutrients to supercharge your workouts.

Another factor to consider is the delicious flavors, I’ve tried many flavors before, but the honey mango really impressed me and gave me a good feeling afterward.

In conclusion, Nutricartel’s Superman pre-workout is also one of the best pre-workout for teenage athletes, it is safe, and has tasty flavors. This is a convenient way and delicious as well to boost your workout performance without side effects.

Best Pre-Workout For Teens Buying Guide

Unlocking the maximum potential of a workout is essential if you want to amplify your fitness journey.

And finding the best pre-workout supplement can be challenging.

But luckily for you, I have compiled a reliable and comprehensive buying guide to help you make the best decision.

Also before buying a pre-workout, finding your fitness goal is essential. Do you want to improve your endurance? Or get a boost of energy and improve focus?

Determining your objective will help you shorten the list of thousands of pre-workouts and help you find the best product for your needs.

Below you can find a list of factors you need to consider before buying a pre-workout:

1. Ingredients

When looking for the best pre-workout for teens, it’s important to look for products that contain safe and scientifically proven ingredients.

Such as:

Beta-Alanine can improve performance during high-intensity training

Citrulline may reduce muscle soreness, and improve power output and reps in resistance training.

Taurine has positive effects on various aspects of physical performance and may improve time to exhaustion.

Caffeine which increases energy, focus, and alertness, can also have positive effects on physical performance.

But also you need to look out for unnecessary and harmful ingredients. Some brands of supplements include them and you may not even know what you’re taking.

So look out for:

Artificial colorants and sweeteners – while they may not directly impact your performance at the gym, but can cause digestive problems and may not be the best choice for a healthy balanced diet.

Yohimbine – it may cause undesired side effects like high blood pressure, anxiety, and rapid heartbeat.

Excessive caffeine – moderate amounts of caffeine are safe and beneficial but like everything excess may lead to sleep disturbance, jitter, and increased heart rate.

2. Taste

Let’s be honest no one wants to buy a bad-tasting pre-workout. That’s why you need to buy a pre-workout with a mouth-watering flavor. There are a lot of amazing tastes for pre-workout supplements, from which you can choose.

In my list, all the products have an amazing taste.

3. Reviews

Dig deep into the reviews and testimonials found online, and check out reviews from other teens. Look for results and good taste, and most importantly for products that respect the safety standards.

4. Price

You don’t have to break the bank, find a pre-workout that is both affordable and effective, and which is the key to achieving your fitness goals.

There are a lot of budget-friendly products out there, which deliver jaw-dropping results. So keep an eye out for sales, promotions, and bargains to get the best deal possible.

5. Stimulant vs. Stimulant-Free

Now it comes down to everyone’s preference, as a teen you may be sensitive to stimulants such as caffeine.

And if that’s the case, then explore stimulant-free pre-workouts which rely on other types of energy-boosting ingredients such as adaptogens, vitamins, and amino acids.

But if you prefer the stimulating effects of caffeine, then choose a product that contains a moderated amount suited best for your tolerance level.

Best pre-workout for teens Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

When should a teenager take pre-workout supplements

You should follow the instruction written on the package but for most products, the general rule is 30 mins before your workout.

This allows the ingredients to take effect and make sure that you feel energized and focused for your upcoming workout.

Can a teenager take a pre-workout every day?

In general, it is safe for teens to take a pre-workout supplement on the day they exercise.

Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to stop taking the product periodically or use it only when you really need a boost of energy.

What ingredients do I need to look for in a pre-workout for teens?

Mostly proven ingredients like amino acids, beta-alanine, vitamins, and even creatine may be beneficial for a teen.

A rule of thumb is just to look for moderate amounts of caffeine or for stimulant-free products depending on your sensitivity to them.


In conclusion, finding the best pre-workout can make a big difference. Not only you’ll achieve your fitness goals faster but also increase your overall physical performance.

Choosing a supplement with ingredients safe for teens will ensure that you get the right balance of growth without the side effects.

But as always consult a healthcare professional before starting to take any kind of supplement, and keep in mind that a well-balanced diet plays a more important role in muscle development.

I recommend the Transparent Labs BULK Pre-Workout, it has no artificial ingredients, has a formula that gives you energy and increases physical performance and it tastes amazing.

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